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To everyone in Cloverdale Jan, Lynn, Kerri, Araceli and everyone there I want to say Thank you so much for all the love, caring and compassion you have all given to my son.  He has grown so much from the first day of school to now.  You have all nurtured him and given him life long skills.  He has changed so much and matured beyond belief.  I can not say enough about all the teachers and everyone else that has taken their time and given so much to my son.  I will miss you all very much and the "family" we have gotten to know.  We will always remember you all and what you have left in my son and given to him.
Thank you for everything
Grace & Chris...

Dear Lynn,
     We just wanted to thank you for all you have done for Isaac these past three years. We truly appreciate your patience, kindness, and genuine care for our son.  CMS has been a wonderful experience for Isaac.  We feel blessed to have found you. Thank you.
     We will miss you very much next fall but are looking forward to when Abby is ready for CMS. Hope you have a wonderful summer!
Heidi & Brian

     I so much appreciate what you have done for Joshua.  I remember the extra attention you gave him when he first started at CMS.  You established trust and helped him transition.  You helped Josh gain confidence and helped him grow into the fine young boy he is.  I am so grateful!  I can only pray that through his next 12 + years of school, that he will have a couple teachers with hearts like yours.  Our world and especially our children need more people like you!!
     Many blessings to you, your school and your family!

Dear Miss Lynn,
     Thank you for all the help you have rendered me.  You are the most wonderful person I have ever met.
     You are so caring, loving and so....sweet!
     You were there for me even for my small problems.
     I love you.
     You are one person I can never forget. Thank you again.

Thank you
For teaching
me how to read
and to do work. I
will miss you.

Jake W.

Everyone at Cloverdale Montessori...
     This has been such a wonderful two years for Jake.  He was prepared to enter kindergarten and has been very succesful thanks to you.  His love of school began with you and for that, we will be forever grateful.
Jenni & Chad...

     I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all do and have done for Tucker.  Your patience, kindness and cooperation have made a tremendous difference to family.  Please know how much we appreciate you and the wonderful staff at Cloverdale Montessori.  We cound our blessings to have found such an amazing school for our son.
Most Sincerely,
Amanda & Trev

Miss Lynn -
     Thank you so much for another great year and especially for being so flexible with us.  I means so much to us to be able to have Marissa at CMS.  It is so reassuring to have Marissa somewhere she is happy and well cared for!
Lawrence & Renee...

     Thank you to all your staff for being a very important part of Hailey's life.  Cloverdale Montessori has provided a wonderful, nurturing, supportive and safe environment for Hailey to learn, grow, and begin discovering more about herself and this beautiful world we live in.  Thank you, from the depths of our heart, for this important role you've played in her early years.
Amy & James...

It's been 3 years of many, many "little" things - please know that they will continue to make a lifetime of difference for Ethan and everyone who loves him.  Our gratitude is endless, and we will always look fondly on our years with all of you.  Thank you, and best wishes!

Dear Lynn Butler,
     I have enjoyed working with you.  Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life.  It seems like so often there are people who simply pass through our lives.  Rarely, people come into our lives and stay awhile, leaving impressions on our hearts.  You have definitely made an impression on my heart.  You are truly my role model and I look up to you.  I admire how you always have a positive attitude and you get things done.  You have accomplished a lot in your life, and I hope I can do as much as you hae done.
     I admire the many qualities you possess.  You are caring, loving, determined, genuine, faithful, trustworthy, loyal, and understanding.  You have been like a second mother to me.
     I have learned many lessons from you.  You are truly a great teacher.  One lesson I learned is how I can do anything I put my mind to.  All I have to do is beliee in myself.  I have gained more belief in myself because you believe in yourself, and you also believe in me.  Thank You.
     You also taught me that hard work is always worth it.  When we were washing windows, you said, "It's worth it. It's always worth it." That may have been a simple saying, but I took it to heart and I will always remember it.  Thank you for saying that, because it was just what I needed to hear. That is just one example of you you have made an impression on my heart.
     Thank you for being all that you are.  Thank you for being strong and always doing you best.  I am so blessed to know you.

Dear Miss Lynn,
     In the busy-ness of the holiday season it has take us awhile to get to all of our thank yous! We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the special holiday party and music program, complete with a visit from Santa, a photo in a handmade frame and a Cloverdale Montessori t-shirt. Wow!
     Ellia is so proud of her t-shirt as she is proud to be a part of
CMS.  After six months at your school she is thriving, and we continue to be impressed with the care and concern you and your staff exhibit daily.
     We know you have been working tirelessly and it shows!
With our thanks,
Carolyn and Clint...
Cloverdale Montessori School, 12255 W. Goldenrod, Boise Idaho.  1-208-322-1200   cloverdalemontessori@yahoo.com

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"Through manual activity, the child reaches a higher level of intelligence; whoever has worked with his own hands has a stronger character.  My experience has shown that, if, for some peculiarities of the environment, the child cannot make use of his hands, his character remains at a very low level, he remains incapable of obedience or initiative, and becomes lazy and sad, while the child who has been able to work with his hands shows a marked development and force of character."
Maria Montessori